Becoming a "Mystery Shopper"

For someone who has the desire to learn about mystery shopping and determine if it is right for them, we suggest starting by reading the world’s largest mystery shopping forum at

 You do not need to register to read the forum, but we highly suggest you do register so you have the ability to post and interact with other shoppers. You will find the forum is large and may seem confusing to start, but be patient and work your way around the forum, reading as many posts as possible. You will find posters who post on several topics and have been mystery shopping for several years and offer great advice. You will also find shoppers who are brand new or relatively new and have lots of questions.


A Closer Look

Ann Michaels and Associates


BLD Scheduling Services

Clear Evaluations

Ask questions! Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you cannot find you.

There is always an answer, use the search function at the top right of the forum. 

If your search comes back “No Matches Found”, try using different words and do this three or four times. If you still cannot find your answer, email the IMSC team at and we will be glad to help better way to learn than from the shoppers, companies, schedulers, editors and clients themselves. We bring them all to the conferences so we can learn from each other.

DSG Associates

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence/Talon

Faith Perceptions

Franklin National Retail Solutions

GFK Mystery Shopping

Impact Marketing

Now, as for companies to work with, this is going to depend on several things that only you can answer. Not everyone likes to do the same types of mystery shopping jobs. Some people love bank shops while others love fast food shops and others who only wish to do a fine dining shop or hotel every now and then. The mystery shopping and scheduling companies below are always looking for great shoppers and willing to give new shoppers a chance. Make sure to register with all of them and let them know the IMSC referred you. 

LeBlanc and Associates

Market Force

Primo Solutions, LLC

Shoppers' View

The Shadow Agency

The Source

For more information on becoming a mystery shopper or attending one of our conferences please feel free to email is at or call us at (480) 361-9300.