Mystery Shopping in Nevada

The state of Nevada regulates all mystery shopping activity. The state of Nevada is the only state that requires a work card to mystery shop. It is regulated by the Nevada PILB. Mystery shoppers who perform mystery shopping jobs without this work card may be fined $2500.00 per occurrence and the company may be fined as well. Unfortunately there are mystery shopping companies who will unknowingly offer you jobs which could end up costing both you and the company a hefty fine.

The companies sometime simply do not know the laws, but other times they are fully aware and they want to bypass the additional step and fees associated with hiring a licensed Nevada company. There are a handful of companies who can operate a mystery shopping business in the state of Nevada. These companies have a licensed PI agent in the state of Nevada. You do not need a PI license yourself, but you must get a Nevada work card and become an employee of one or more of the licensed companies. Please note: You do not need to live in Nevada to be able to mystery shop there. 

Nevada IMSC Companies

A Closer Look is a valued IMSC member company and can help you with your needs in Nevada whether you are a company looking for a Nevada company to assist you with your jobs in Nevada or a shopper looking to get their work card.

Preferred Investigation is a licensed Nevada company owned by Theresa Mauro Jones. Theresa is a long standing member in the mystery shopping community and she can assist you with your Nevada mystery shopping needs.

Nevada PILB

To apply for a Nevada work card, follow the link below and click on “work cards” at the top right of the page. If you have questions you can call the Nevada PILB at 702-486-3003.

**Nevada work card information**

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