Become an IMSC Member

Benefits of membership:

The IMSC is committed to your success whether you are a company owner, scheduler, shopper or editor. We support you!

Now, even if you cannot attend a conference you will have the opportunity to hear various speakers from the conferences and connect with one another via telephone. We will host live speaker sessions and even a few “just for fun” networking sessions throughout the year so you can stay connected with one another.

The cost is $25.00 per year for shoppers and is due February 14th each year.

Becoming an IMSC member has advantages. We will continue to add benefits as we grow.

The membership is still evolving and is subject to change.  All sales are **final**

 Membership and conference registration fees are nonrefundable.

All memberships are due February 14th each year. Memberships not renewed by February 28th will be terminated.

 Shopper Member Benefits:

1) Free online training courses. 

2) Spouses/Partners can attend as your guest during each conference at no cost.

3) You will receive your membership card via email which allows for discounts through the Employee Network, which you can find here: .

4)LegalShield & IdentityShield discounts up to 22%! Learn more at 

5) Exclusive Private Members Only Facebook group to connect with one another.

6) Opportunity to vote on locations/dates for upcoming conferences.

7) IMSC member’s only contests.

8) Priority entry and seating at all upcoming conferences.

9) Free one on one calls available with the IMSC President to help you grow your business.

10) The Mystery Shoppers Depot and have partnered with the IMSC to provide IMSC Members the largest discounted price on covert video shopping equipment.  Please email for details on how to take advantage of the discounted pricing. 

The IMSC Membership is open to all Independent Contractor and small business owners, including Mystery Shopping and Scheduling Companies.

Member Company and Independent Scheduler Benefits:

Please email for an IMSC company member/independent scheduler application.

1) Unlimited free job postings on our exclusive IMSC Facebook page which we will share on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.  (Please note independent schedulers must have their own memberships since they schedule for multiple companies.)

2) Listing on our website to help potential clients and shoppers find you.

3) Complimentary, consistent social media monitoring.

4) Exclusive private members only (for company owners and schedulers) Facebook group to connect with other members.

5) Exclusive access to IMSC certified shoppers group on Facebook.

6) Opportunity to send out one blog post per month via the IMSC. Please send your copy and paste ready blog post to

7) Bi- monthly calls for company owners and reps only for updates on our industry and discussions on prevalent issues and concerns

8) Opportunity to train via conference calls which we will help to promote and arrange.

9) Personalized assistance throughout the year from our President with any business needs you might have.

10) You will receive your membership card via email which allows for discounts through the Employee Network, which you can find here: